2018 CSA Newsletter – Week #1

Notes from the Farm – 6/11/18:

Week #1 of the 2018 CSA is here and it marks the first harvest of our ninth growing year at Massaro!  We’ve missed you over the winter and are looking forward to seeing you here on the farm and out in New Haven over the coming season.  The last few months we have been wetter and cooler than we would might ask for, but we work with the conditions no matter what they may be, and we are excited to bring you a delicious start to the season with a heavy harvest of strawberries. Our strawberries have thrived in the wet, colder spring we have had, so in addition to distributing at least a quart of strawberries to everyone this week, we will also open up a section of strawberries to U-Pick for the first time in our history.   The strawberry season is short so enjoy them while you can! Garlic scapes are another early season treat we get to enjoy this week,  and we’ll also have romaine lettuce, red butterhead lettuce, arugula, kale and bok choi.

Those of you who have been part of our CSA in previous years will probably remember that the early season harvest is a bit lighter than the mid-season picking, with a good amount of leafy greens in the first month, along with some root crops, herbs, and the heavier fruiting crops soon to follow.  Our cucumbers and zucchini have flowers on them now, and with warmer temperatures coming to push them along we should begin to harvest them soon.

Our friends from Edison’s Famous Ice will be here from 4:30-6:30 on both Tuesday and Friday to celebrate our first week of CSA, so you can enjoy a great treat when you come to pick up your produce.We look forward to seeing you on the farm!
Farmer Steve and our Farmers: Alyssa, Dan, Kayla, Chloe, Monica


In This Week’s Distribution


Our Harvest: Strawberries, Garlic Scapes, Arugula, Red Russian Kale, Romaine Lettuce, Red Butterhead Lettuce, Bok Choi

U-Pick: Strawberries! Snap peas, Snow peas

Fruit Option: Begins in July with Blueberries; start date TBD

Thank you for your support of our efforts to maintain a non-profit, certified organic farm!