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Adult Workshops

Sustainable Nutrition Series

Massaro is pleased to partner with founding Executive Director Caty Poole in bringing you a new Sustainable Nutrition adult series for 2024.
These classes integrate the principles of a holistic approach to health, combining what nature has to offer with the science of nutrition and how the food we prepare is a pathway to personal and planetary health.
Each season, we will gather once monthly to explore regenerative growing practices (leaving the soil more enriched than we found it) , utilizing food and herbs as medicine, and culinary instruction. Together, we will build community with each other and with what our rich region has to offer.
Please join us for these small group sessions starting in February. Note, advance registration is required. Portions of each class will be made available online in case you cannot make it. We strive to make all farm education accessible so please self-select the pricing option suitable for you. If cost is still a barrier, please be in touch; we are happy to work with you.
Spring/Summer Session:
May 11th 11:00am-12:30pm - Regenerative Growing: Seeds and Starting a Garden - includes overview plus basic maintenance (how much water is enough? etc)
June 15th- 9:30am-11:00am- Food as Medicine: An Introduction to Herbal Medicine - herbs are often the first crop available in spring; harvesting & drying herbs; creating a basic tea

July 20th 9:30am-11:00am - In the Kitchen: Wild Meals - a guide to foraging in our area; basic precautions and suggested uses for common weeds and invasives.

Fall Session:
September - Regenerative Growing: Pests, Weeds and Mulch - Monitoring your garden health and laying the groundwork for future seasons

October - Food as Medicine: Extracting Plant Magic (tonics, tinctures, oxymels and more) to keep you healthy over winter
November - In the Kitchen: Methods of preserving the harvest - freezing, drying, canning to preserve the peak of freshness over the winter. Basic canning.

$90/per person if your pre-purchase all 3 sessions
$35 per person per session

Participants to receive:

  • An overview/syllabus of all Session

  • Coursework integrated with the rhythms of the annual farm cycle. Please dress accordingly; we will be outside!

  • Expanded background materials lists relevant to the course (essential kitchen tools, knives for success, common pest identification guide, etc)

  • Suggested reading/viewing lists to continue their learning outside the program

  • Recipes

  • Recommendations for similar courses taking place nearb

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