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Farm Field Trips 

We offer field trips for all ages and grade levels, pre-K through 12, as well as university and graduate programs. A typical farm field trip for lasts 90-120 minutes and includes a farm tour. Longer visits can be arranged as well. There are many wonderful topics to choose from. Lessons can be customized to specific curriculum or standards.

Subjects include bees & pollinators, organic farming, worms & composting, and much more. Students will join a farm educator, taking in the entire farm from beehives and woods to sprawling fields. For grades 7 and up trips the farm can also be serviced based, where groups participate in planting, harvesting, or other projects around the farm.

Field trips are generally offered April-June and September-November each year; however, we may be able to accommodate winter trips and summer camp program groups by special arrangement. Experience the entire farm transition from one season to the next!


Location Specific/Outreach Programs

Farm staff may be able to visit your location to deliver a farm, food or garden-based lesson, depending on time of year and our staff capacity.  Lessons can be customized to specific curriculum or standards.

Please note: All staff are fully vaccinated and most are first-aid certified.

Please fill out this brief inquiry form to request a field trip with the farm.


Field trips -  $250 for groups up to 24 students. $450 for groups sizes from 25-50.  Group sizes of more than 50 can be made by special arrangement.

Schedule a field trip or small group visit

Contact us by phone at 203-736-8618 or email [email protected].

Topics available:

Five Senses on the Farm - Students will explore the farm using all five senses.

Plant Parts - Students will be able to describe the functions of the main plant parts and identify plant parts that we eat.

2013-08-01-14.00.43Plant Growth and Life Cycle - Students will explore farm plants in different stages of their life cycle, and be able to describe the life cycle of flowering plants.

Soils - Students will be able to describe different types of soil on the farm and consider the relationships of soil type, water retention, and plant growth.

Checking out the Chickens - Students will explore the farm's chickens, and consider their role on the farm.

Farm History - Students will explore the history of farming in the area through farm tools and dairy products.

Seedy Sleuths - Students will explore the inner workings of seeds to gain an understanding of their function.

Butterfly Basics - Students will be able to describe the role of the butterfly on the farm, butterfly life cycle and metamorphosis, and sources of food for these amazing creatures.

Bees and Pollinators - Using our demonstration hive and apiary, students will learn about the important role of bees and other pollinators on the farm.

Biodiversity on the Farm - Students will learn how small, diverse farms like Massaro are crucial to the health of our environment and our food system.

Compost - Students will explore the magical world of compost, as decomposers turn garbage into healthy soil.

Food Webs and Ecosystems - Students will gain an understanding of food webs and the three components of food chains: producers, consumers and decomposers.

Nature Trail - Students will discover the secrets of Massaro's woods and wetlands.

**We can also design a custom program to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss.**

*The farm is ADA compliant, with the exception of the 2nd floor of the Dairy Barn and the Nature Trail, and includes an ADA compliant restroom.

**The farm may be able to offer a limited number of reduced/free farm programs to groups with limited financial resources. Please contact our office at 203-736-8618 to inquire.