Bee Keeping workshops at Massaro Farms

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Beekeeping Workshops

Workshops are focused on hobbyists, backyard beekeepers and those considering beekeeping; all levels welcome

DUE TO WEATHER THE SEPT. 22 Workshop is postponed. 


Due to the warm winter and elevated mite counts we expect to inspect and count for mites at all 2023 workshops, and treat on an as-needed basis.

Families with children ages 10 and older welcome.  Suggested donated $10 per person.

March 25 - 10am

Package and Nuc installation; if temps allow we will perform a hive inspection

April 22 - 9am
Spring check on nucs & packages, review other hive performance for beginning honey production
May 13 - 9am
How to make your own nuc; demonstrate mite count and wash, possible first treatment
May 27 - 9am
Check on newly introduced Nucs, hive inspection and supering
June 24 - 9am
Survey health of the hive, requeen as needed and move nuc to 10-frame hive; summer management
July 15 - 9am
Summer hive management, ensure bees are getting enough resources (water, food), check for robbing and address
August 19 - 9am
Inspect for colony health, observe mite count/thresholds; prep for cooler months by securing supplies early
September 16 - 9am
Final workshop of the season; inspect; treat as needed, cold weather/winter prep