Bee Keeping workshops at Massaro Farms

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Beekeeping Workshops

Beekeeping Workshops 2024 (1)

March 30 - We'll discuss and prepare for Package or Nuc installation; also early season feeding.  Plus, we'll talk about pest development in the wake of changing weather patterns.  Bring all your equipment questions!

April 13 - We'll perform a hive inspection, and examine for healthy vs unhealthy brood pattern. We'll guide on how to determine queen health, check bee food supply during the 'honey flow' and what to look for as your colony builds up.
May 4 - We'll perform a routine hive inspection. We'll evaluate the brood pattern and look for swarm cells. We'll perform the first mite wash of the season and go through making a resource nuc for your bee yard., checking honey flow and supering.
May 25 - We'll perform routine hive inspections and evaluate colony health during the 'honey flow' season. We'll likely perform a mite check/wash and discuss treatments available.
June 8 - We'll perform routine hive inspections, checking on overall colony health & strength with treatment, as needed.
July 13 - We'll perform routine hive inspections ensuring strong health as varroa mites tend to peak . Mite wash and treatment to keep hives free of disease as they prepare to raise winter bees.
August 10 - We'll assess food/honey storage and move frames around as necessary to ensure hives are healthy. We'll also go over ways to feed your hives as they prepare for cooler weather.
September  7 - Hive inspection includes evaluating colony health, possibly combining weak hives to ensure survival. Critical to stay on top of hive health and food supply as hive begins to contract and lay winter bees.

Workshops are focused on hobbyists, backyard beekeepers and those considering beekeeping; all levels welcome


Families with children ages 10 and older welcome.  Suggested donated $10 per person.