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Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between farmers and their customers. You receive the freshest organic produce weekly, helping the farm to pre-plan the growing season.

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Community Supported Agriculture


2022 CSA and 2021 6-Week Fall CSA and 6-Week Egg CSA add-on available for purchase now  

The 6-Week Fall CSA begins immediately following the end of our 20-week summer CSA season, and will cover the first three weeks of November and December, with a week off for Thanksgiving. Produce will include greens and roots from our fields and tunnels, and could include items from other farms depending on conditions. First pickup dates are Wednesday and Friday, November 3 and 5; final pickup dates are December 15 and 17.  Join us for a delicious fall!

Pick up will be available in New Haven at District on Wednesdays and at the farm on Fridays only (no Tuesday pickup). The CSA extension will be limited to fewer subscriptions than our summer season, so please don't wait to purchase.
We set up a new page with GrownBy, a farmer-created cooperative, where you can register and purchase the fall CSA. You can also download the GrownBy app on to your phone from the app store, and purchase it that way if you like. And of course, you can simply mail in or drop off a check made out to Massaro Community Farm, or send payment to our paypal account at

Below are the links and pricing to purchase the 6-week Fall Vegetable CSA:
6-Week Fall Vegetable CSA, Massaro Farm pick up: $180
6-Week Fall Vegetable CSA, New Haven pick up: $200
Egg CSA add-on: $36 (1 dozen per week, available at both locations); purchase the fall vegetable CSA on the GrownBy site and the Egg CSA will show up as an add-on option.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), is a partnership between farmers and their customers. When you purchase a CSA subscription, you connect with and support the farm by paying up front for produce you will receive throughout the season. This up front payment helps to cover the initial capital investment required of the farm each year, allowing the farm to focus on its operation and plan for the season.

Here at Massaro Community Farm our CSA plays an important role in realizing our mission: keep farming, feed people, build community. We believe everyone has a right to healthy food, regardless of income.  In addition to our commitment to donating 10% of our annual harvest to local hunger relief organizations, we offer sliding scale pricing tiers and payment plans for our CSA to make it more widely accessible. See details below.

2022 CSA Subscription Details

CSA start date is expected around June 14, 2022 depending on conditions. Exact start date will be confirmed and communicated by the first week of June.

Payment Options

We accept cash and check, plus payment with credit card, EBT and PayPal. Payment in full is requested for the CSA whenever possible, however we are happy to work with you on a payment plan to fit your needs.  Automatic weekly or monthly payments are possible when you sign up and make payment online through our GrownBy page.  You can also download our 2022 CSA registration form and mail it in or drop it off along with payment.

Sliding Scale Pricing

Sliding scale pricing engages the community in Community Supported Agriculture, allowing us to practice economic solidarity, providing mutual support for the cost of our programs.  In this way we make our produce more accessible and help cover costs of operation. Choose the pricing tier that fits with your income and access to wealth, and help us create a more just, equitable food system. Many thanks to Soul Fire Farm, and Rock Steady Farm for their vision and leadership in advocating for equitable pricing models.

Market price: Our current standard price; seeking to balance community affordability and farm viability.
20-week summer CSA: $695 ($34.75/wk); add $50 for New Haven
10-week flexible/half CSA: $375 ($37.50/wk); add $25 for New Haven

Solidarity price: ~35% off our standard price; for those with lesser income or access to wealth. Limited availability.
20-week summer CSA: $440 ($22/wk)
10-week flexible/half CSA: $240 ($24/wk)

Supporter price: 15% above our standard price; help create a more just, equitable food system by helping us cover the true costs of growing food and increase compensation for our farmers.
20-week summer CSA: $795($39.75/wk); add $50 for New Haven
10-week flexible/half CSA: $425 ($42.50/wk); add $25 for New Haven

Contributor price: ~35% above our standard price; covers the full difference between the solidarity and market prices, and shows your commitment to creating food equity in our community.
20-week summer CSA: $950 ($47.50/wk)
10-week flexible/half CSA: $475 ($47.50/wk)

*Don’t see a CSA option that fits your needs?  Email our farm manager to create a plan that works best for you:

Purchase CSA by mail or in person

About Our CSA

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a partnership between farmers and their customers. When you purchase a CSA subscription, you connect with and support the farm by paying up front for produce that you will then receive throughout the season. Learn more about how CSA subscriptions work through Local Harvest, who do a great job explaining this concept.

How the Massaro Farm CSA works: By purchasing a CSA subscription from us, you are helping to provide the working capital needed prior to the start of the season. In return, CSA subscribers receive our best quality, freshly-harvested, certified organic produce each week throughout the growing season.

Massaro promises 20 weeks of distribution, beginning in mid June and ending in October (exact dates vary each year based on seasonal fluctuations). Subscribers benefit knowing exactly where their produce is coming from while helping to lessen the environmental impact of our food system as a whole. Throughout the season, there will be some "U-Pick" crops that you can pick yourself, such as peas, green beans, cherry tomatoes and herbs. *We closed the U-Pick in 2020 because of the pandemic. We'll make a decision about whether to open the U-Pick in 2021 based on community safety as the harvest season approaches.* What makes the CSA at Massaro Community Farm truly special is the sense of community our members feel with each visit to the farm. Farming protects valuable farmland and provides an interesting glimpse into New England’s agrarian past.

We invite you to join us, eat well, share ideas, and make a friend!

Shared Risk & Reward

CSA subscribers naturally share in the risks and rewards associated with farming. Every year, some crops thrive while others struggle due to weather conditions, severe storms, pests, and plant diseases. We mitigate risks in many ways, most importantly by having a diverse crop plan of over 50 vegetables and hundreds of varietals.

“Shared risk” and “shared reward” are essential elements of any CSA. The farm can distribute tremendous bounty during a good growing year and may distribute less in a more difficult season. The community provides security that the farm may need to make it through a difficult growing season; the community benefits from knowing that the farm is secure and will remain viable in the community.


Thank you!

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Massaro Farm CSA.  We hope you'll join us