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Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between farmers and their customers. You receive the freshest organic produce weekly, helping the farm to pre-plan the growing season.

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Board, Committees & Staff

Massaro Community Farm, Inc.

Massaro Community Farm, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Board of Directors

Al Tyma, President
Suzanne Werth, Vice-President
Jandie McSweet, Treasurer 
Anne Boucher, Secretary 
James Calkins
Mary Gorham
Tom Handler
Willa Ridinger
Sandra Stein
Bob Tucker
Dylan Vitale
Teresa Thomason


The farm has two sets of committees - one to attend to the governance of the organization and a second to engage volunteers. Each committee has its own meeting schedule. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the farm office at (203) 736-8618 or email us at Thank you.


Development Committee [Chair, Sandy Stein]
Seeks to cultivate key relationships with members, donors and businesses, and to devise fundraising to enable and enhance the mission of the farm.

Facilities Committee [Chair, Bob Tucker]
Responsible for maintaining, upgrading and expanding the physical infrastructure of the farm.

Governance Committee [Chair, Anne Boucher]
Oversees legal compliance of the organization and vets and nominates suitable candidates to serve on the board.

CSA & Produce Marketing Committee [Chair, Steve Munno]
Evaluates the CSA offerings and supports the farm manager.

Finance Committee [Chair, Tom Handler]
The finance committee oversees financial reporting of the organization, and makes recommendations to the board for management of the organization's funds.

Volunteer Committees

Education Committee [Chair, open]
Advises on creating and providing program opportunities for people of all ages.
Events [Chair, Lindsay Browning]
Allows volunteers to assist with community events on the farm such as plays, concerts, etc.
Art & Music [Dylan Vitale]
Helps coordinate artists and performers to display or perform at the farm.
Open Space/Nature [Open]
Comes up with and coordinates ways to optimize use of open space on the farm, including the Nature Trail.