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Scout Programs

$10 per scout with a minimum of $100 per program



Boy Scout and Girl Scouts programs are available and can be tailored upon request.

All of our programs are held outside. 

  • Sneakers or closed-toed shoes are required, waterproof recommended.
  • Weather appropriate attire required


Participating Massaro staff and volunteers are trained and have current standing with the BSA Youth Protection program.

Badges, belt loops, and pins are not provided



Mountain Lion 

Requirements 1-3

We are going on a mountain lion adventure! What do we need to bring with us? How do we stay safe? And what does it mean to respect the wilderness around us? 


My Tiger Jungle 

Requirements 1-3

Join us to learn about the plants, animals, and insects around us.  Tigers will learn about the wild world around us using the powers of observation.


Tigers In the Wild 

Requirements 1-4, 6, 7

Grab your Six Essentials, we’re going on a hike! Along the Massaro nature trails, we’ll learn about the importance of preparation, understanding the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles, and understanding the world around us.


Paws on the Path 

Requirements 1-6

It’s time for a hike!  But, before our paws hit the path it is essential to plan ahead.  Do you know your six essentials?  How about the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principle? What can we expect to see? Let's find out…


Call of the Wild 

Requirements 1-6

The Call of the Wild can be unpredictable, so how do we answer it? On this special hike through the Massaro nature trails, we learn about how our preparation helps us answer the call and put the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principle to work as we investigate the wildlife that surrounds us.


Bear Necessities 

Requirements 1-3

We’re going on an adventure. What kind of adventure? What will we be doing? How do we plan differently for different types of adventures?


Fur, Feathers, and Ferns 

Requirements 1-6

What makes the wilderness around us? On this hike through the Massaro nature trails, we are going to investigate plants, animals, habitats, and the cycle of life itself!  Get your boots on, grab your magnifying glass (don’t worry, we’ll provide them), and binoculars if you have them and let’s find out. 



Into the Woods

Requirements 1-7

We all know plants and trees are important.  But how much do you really know? (And what do you not know that you know?) The plants around us play vital roles in our ecosystems, habitats, homes, and even play.  Let’s learn about our oaky brethren, while we pine over the many ways they make our world exist. 


Into the Wild

Requirements 4-9

Join us as we search for and observe the many types of wild creatures that exist in our own backyards (or nature trails). Why is it important to be aware of the wildlife around us? How many critters can we find and what role do aquatic ecosystems and wetlands play in their survival?