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Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between farmers and their customers. You receive the freshest organic produce weekly, helping the farm to pre-plan the growing season.

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Donate & Planned Giving

Massaro Community works year round to preserve 57 acres of open space, and to donate local, organic produce to those in need.  Staff, volunteers, advocates and partner agencies help the farm donate produce to families and provide farm-based education to area school children who rely on free meal programs, largely in surrounding Valley towns. Through their support, we distribute enough produce to prepare at least 4,000 meals each year, and host at least 1,000 students on the farm.

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There are many ways in which you can donate to Massaro Community Farm. We want you to know that we can carry out your philanthropy in any way that makes the most sense for you, such as:

Donor Advised Fund – Set up a fund that allows you to make charitable donations

Bequests – With simple language in a will or other estate plan, you can make a gift of cash, stocks, tangible property, etc .

Charitable Gift Annuity – set up a fund that provides you and Massaro Farm with income

Qualified Charitable Distribution – designate a portion of your retirement fund distribution to Massaro Community Farm

Through our partners at The Community Foundation and Valley Gives Back we can assist you in determining the best giving options for you.

You can also make a gift to one of our already-established funds:

  • The Get Outdoors Fund with the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven. Help ensure continued outdoor education, long term care of our acreage, and support of families at risk.
  • The Jon Gorham Sustainability Fund with the Community Foundation of Greater New Haven. Increases the awareness and promotion of the use of renewable energy technologies, sustainable agricultural practices, local food production, sustainable living practices and the educational programs that explain their benefit.
  • The Massaro Farm Legacy Fund with Valley Community  Foundation. Established with funds from Paul & Judith DeCoster to ensure the farm will be around to provide food and programming for future generations.

Contact the farm development officer (203-736-8618) to discuss options.

Thank you to our 2022 donors!

Keith Colburn
Paul and Judith DeCoster
Peter J Werth Jr
Sandra Stein and Harvey Kliman
Jill and Glenn MacInnes
Gene Burger and Alida Engel
Steve Gurney
Robert Tucker and Jennifer Huestis
William and Deborah Munno
Diane King
Werth Household
Lordes Cruz Matters
Denise and Elizabeth Appel
Jon and Mary Gorham
Elizabeth Schramek and Larry Soghoian
Mark & Joyce Arnold
Shirley A DeGennaro
Krista Rogalski
Alexander M Meiklejohn
D Stuart Meiklejohn
David and Virgina Schneider
Thomas Handler and Joann Knudson
John Grim and Mary Tucker
Mary Lee Barker and Robert Perelman
Allen and Beth Heller
Sharon de Kadt and Christopher Keevil
Robert McLean and Catherine Wick
Alexis Loss
Susan E. Atherton
Matthew and Michele Cohen
Tim & Elizabeth McLoone
James Clark
Virginia Gilder
Thamus Morgan
Kleinstein Family
John and Nina Ruckes
Carla O'Brien
Michael Livingston
Paul and Laura Jost
Paul and Terri Schatz
Thayer Quoos
Dan and Sarah Donovan
Donna Lindgren
Timothy Fusco and Willa Ridinger
Deborah Fried and Kalman Watsky
Arthur and Judy Katz
Debbie Ferrell
James Matheson
Clifford Wells
John Shutkin
William and Robin Fox
Rick and Leslie Braun
Martin Rabach
Jenny Rice
Dave & Laura Speranzini
Katherine Williams
Arthur Shippee
Udo Schwarz
Mike Spicer
Peter and Lorraine Lewin
Barbara Stein
Nan Birdwhistell
Edward Cronin
Robert B Brenner
David & Katherine Munno
Gregg Crerar
Albert Ridinger
John Wynne
Cindy Jurzynski
Cathie and Ron Miller
Cifaldi-Morrill Household
Susan Matheson and J. Pollitt
Diane Ruben
Vincent Vaccarello
Carin Reynolds
Mert and Nicole Gollaher
William and Patricia Williams
Gene and Maryanne Shannon
Robert and Ruth Lesser
Audrey and Paul Greenberg
Bill Kelly
Judge Guido and Anna Calabresi
Linda Miller
Sobeira Latorre
Janie & Jeffrey Lange
Frank and Mary D'Ostilio
Nathan and Viswa Kruger
Roger Reynolds
David and Deborah Moore
James McBride
Patrick Perry
Kevin Sloss
Laura Benedict
Anneke Young
Bob Van Egghen
Lucy Gorham
August C Lindner IV
Roberta Elias
Thomas Downer
Lynn Baker
John and Kathleen Wallace
Paul and Monica Bloom
Craig and Martina Benton
Tassos Kyriakides
Brian Haeckler
Alyssa Guirguis
Lawrence and Helaine Lipsher
Rebecca Laino
Tim Austin
David Aviram
Katherine Darr
Erika Morgan
Julie Jirikowic
Melissa Orosz
Sharon Arenberg
Michael Pabian
JoAnne Burger and Michael Caplan
Jenifer Gorin
Jane Case
Carmen Douglas
David and Cory Sells
Arthur and Jandie McSweet
Andrew Bedford and Rebecca Levy
Stefanie Kreiger
Fenno F. Heath III
Kristen Flynn
Diane Ritucci
Breana Riskin
Katherine Gambacini
Laura Dane
Sara Peavy
Pamela Mozier
Robert Burgess
Karen Kassap
Cathy Shufro
William and Mary Conway
Krista Mayhew
Wendy Silver
Emily Nguyen
April Stirling
Jessica Dorey
R. Keith Drake
Roaxana R Buda
William Kerr
Jay Premselaar
Eleanor Lang
Johanna Lasala
Americo J Cardozo
Charles Hewitt
Catharine Parsons
Ben Liberman
Charles A Pillsbury
Martine Fusco
David Birnbaum
Richard Blackwell
Nicole Giannetta
Linda Philips
Elizabeth and Mark Brockelman
Sonia Talwar
Stephen Ryan
Jane Savage
Charles N McCormack
Steven Tirpak
Matt Gaieski
Wendy Davis
Anita Donahou
Judy Guerrero
David Ditta
David Vogel
Cynthia Allen
Eliot Nierman
Nathaniel Case
Rebecca Bagnall
Nicole Graas
Nicholas Fortier
Karina Berg
Jen Wellman
Andrea Polinsky
Diane Fine and Carl Baum
Tory Ruttenberg
Risa Alberts
Eugenia Kiesling
Tracy Glover
Mary Porterfield
Wendy Handler
Linda Marino
Thomas Weil
Sivan Doron
James Colleran
Kathleen Appellof
Barbara Ahern
Heather Laskowski
David Scaramozza
Mitz Carr
Laura Skodol
Rebecca Miller
Gillian Rosen
Paul Hughes
Lee Crane
Thomas Steenburg
Erik Roth
Julie Perlman
Benjamin Lounsbury
Audra Jaques
Mark Heaphy
Joseph Grasso
Robert Falkenberg
Jon Enscoe
Craig Emerick
Sandra Conlan
Jimmy Choi
Mark and Vicky Burford
Michael and Linda Zeller
Namita and Shirvinda Wijesekera
T. Kyle Vanderlick and Ann Klopp
Geoffrey and Laura O'Neill
Kumpati and Barbara Narendra
David and Deborah Moore
Mark and Adele Messina
Susan Jacobs and Stephen Skowronek
Jeff Gee and Tracy Carol Wittreich
Ray and Marie Dube
Deborah and Gary Desir
Daniela Cossitt-Levy and David Levy
Paul and Debra Chiampa
Deborah and Robert Bachard
Juliana and Osman Ansari
Gaeton Stella
Geraldine Shaw
Ruth Newman
Jennifer Madonia
Ralph Jones
Elizabeth Chicos
Roger Lewin
Kim & Robert Walter
Adam Schaffer
David Colleran
Diane DiMauro
Lorie Long
Andrew Pal
A J Crowley
Carolyn Yerkes
Craig Godwin
Edward Cooke Jr
Patrick Clendenen
Katherine Spicer
Alan Durnin
Andrea and Steven Fleischman
Sarah Connolly and Semeon Tsalbins
Constance Cryer and John Ecklund
Hunt Family
Alfred Altomari
Philip Case
Sylvia Garland
Michael Thomas
Brian Calandro
James Silva
David Gordon
Glenn Lockhart
Fred Ritz
Jeffrey Smith
Stephen Ohara
Nora Slanski
Ruth Sudduth
Marian Weiss
John Posner
Philip Kellerman
Ron Dentz
Sarah Davison
Rona Johnston Gordon
Harry Droz
Paul Glowaski
Keith and Denise Schoch
Sarah Albano
Nathan and Jessica Utrup
Kirby Stafford
Michael Gavoli
Robin Michalak
Ryan and Carina Spicer
Ronald Keller
Susan Pearce
Rob Gorham
Anne Warner
Crystal Cathcart
Kate Kennedy
Jan McLean
Betty Murphy
Terri Fried
Harriet Kluger
Margarita Zezza
Johannah Fine
David More Maynard and Gloria J. Maynard
Karen and Jeffrey Schlemmer
Himmel Household
Bob Serow
Jim O'Loughlin
John Turski
Mary Webber
David Truesdell
Cynthia Telesca
Debra Taubner
Pam Stanton
Ed Samp
Allie Perry
Michael O'Loughlin
Mark Murphy
Steven Morrow
Elizabeth Gorham Johnson
Peter Johnson
Paris Heath
Colin Foster
Ellen Fossum
Kristen Fossum
Frank Cochran
Michael Boyd
David Bothamly
Jeffrey Babbin
Lynn Autry
Lucy Ambach
Frederick W Allen
Ellen and Robert Scalettar
Steve Munno and Jacqueline Lewin-Munno
Bernard and Deborah Madden
Reid Lifset and Beth Klingher
Jenny Chou and Nicholas Parrillo
Jeffrey Axt and Suzanne Rosenberg
Marion Young
Katherine Young
Patricia L. Wales
Ghislaine Palumbo
Robert Harris Jr.
Patricia Bender
Lindsay Browning
Michael Garris
Daniel Kazer and Meredith Wallace
Katharine Goodbody
Maryam Rashid
Don and Nancy Tamis
Carly Brown
Ethan Tucker
Karen Benjamin
Viktoria Sundquist
Sheree Butcaris
Balco and Grennan
Ajoy Kapoor
Kristin Haas
R Mark Van Allen
Woody McCally
John and Lydia Theys
Robin Golden
Beverly Propen
Jane Boucher
Barbara Donnelly
Jennifer Botwick
Andrew and Lorri Danzig
Celeste Markle
Patricia & Torin Thurston
Juan & Betsy Marzahn-Ramos
Scott & Nancyann Cook
Alyssa Paredes
Marleen Cullen
MJ Iuppa
Alice Oliver
Angelique Haugerud
Yohko Tsuji
Carol Roberts
Hilary Cunningham
Nana Okura Gagne
Jun Zhang
Lisa Nachmias Davis
Deborah Davis
Lynne Tourville
W. Andrew Achenbaum
Anne Underhill
Suzanne Hellmouth
Margaret Magnum LaFrance
Mimi Gates
Jean Cunningham
Kristy Laydon
William Woolston
Katie Winterbottom
Morgan Weiss
Jennifer Turner
Jared Otto
Elizabeth Maurer
Matthew Mahler
Abby Kindberg
Jessica Godburn
Kelly Emery
Moira Cassell
Walker Holmes
Pennie Branden
Dustin Scheinost
Frank Pomarico
Kim Burkhart
Anne Rubin and Jeff Kaufman
Rainer & Trudy Muhlbauer
Harvey & Jenny Meeker
Anna & Sean Mahon
Aimee & Kevin Luddy
Gilbert Family
Ryan Federico
Ashley Dalton
Giovana Silva
Renee Perroncel
Kevin Henri
Hannah Sayre Smith
Christi George
Alexandra Carlso
Kathryn Lance
Lisa Grimmer
Stephan Behuniak
Eugene Driscoll
Martin Cook
Joi Prud’homme
Kyle Zukauskas
Emma Arenberg
Maryann O’Mahony
John Walsh
Tiffany Russell
Patrick Carey
Amy Wild
Kathryn Hawk
Taryn Schlein
Cecilia Urbanowicz
Sara Tesch
Alexandra Fantl
Judith Hess
Angelique Garay
John Eberhart
Melanie Taub
Suzanne Woomer
Mary Welander
Sarah Connors
Ning Xie
Daniel Haverstock
Martina Benton
Brianna Girard
Valerie Di Gangi
Alfred Smith
Lloyd Mueller
Pina Palma
Sharon Flores
Vicki McLellan
George Tucker
John Spicer
Richard Kramer
Eric Peters
David Gioiello
William Ginn
Mattitiyahu Zimbler
Susan Amron
Mark Commune
Donald Celotto Jr.
Jonathan Perkins
Sandra Viniczay
Elizabeth Patrick
Dennis Giroux
Qiuping Wang
Katheryn Carter
Word Peake
Michael DeLargy
Joel Kustka
Mark Handler
Douglas Bloom
Zoltan Toth
Lorena Lopes
Julie Mackay
Fiona Morton
Hong Wang
Hilary Misiano
Gary Levin
Sean Fisher
Donald Smith
Pamela H Werth
Howard Shafer
Samuel Handler
Nancy Sizer
Robert H. Booz
Jason Brickell
Dan DeAngelo
Colin Daymude
Jonathan Moore
Mark Brockelman
David Arnold
Christina Wilson
John Eddy
Paul Violi
George Yost
Robert Lane
Ed Fedorowich
Kevin Klein
Joe Violi
Andrew Leachman
Gail D'Addio
Robyn Reilly
Arthur Goldstein
Sherry Rothman
Carla Small
Michele Schioppo
Regina & Arthur Fischer
Fred Ginsberg
Maureen Zent
Nina Evison
Bruce H Price
Paul McLaughlin
Dana Forlano
William Richo
Sally Zanger
Amy Nelson
Cathy Austin
Lisa McLean
Esther Armmand
Jaclyn Buchanan
Daniele Esposto
Christina Baker
Katherine Babb
Trevor Spaulding
Kelly Johnson
Mary Kohncke
Barbara Miles
Cyrena Thibodeau
Haleh Sadaat
Dawn Coe
Anamika Reed
Sourav Guha
Matthew Rose
Daniel C Bianchini
Maggie Yolen
Dianne Witte
Nancy Walls
Debbie Valletta
Allison Tray
Elizabeth Traester
Karen Teiker
Christopher Tack
Garbiella Svenninsen Omonte
Janet Strauss
Natasha Spencer
Erin Singleton
Steve Sappo
Scott Russell
Julie Rose
John Ronalter
Robert Riley
Whitney Randall
Heather Powell
Patricia Pino
Nicole Phelan
Stephanie Pennington
Frank Panzarell
Laura Palmisano
Averi Pakulis
Meredith Miller
Lisa Messeri
Lesley Meng
Amy Mallardi
Vicky Macias
Phyllis Lobo
Sarah Kuchta-Humphrey
Robin Klatzkie
Gaye Kim
Christopher Hughes
Gladys Horowitz
Emily Horning
Michael Hintsa
Kim Goclowski
Tim Gibson
Leah Fry
Stewart Frankle
Erika Foster
Gita Drury
Ariana Daniels
Kathleen Jo Corbin
Maxwell Comando
Juliana Clark
Joy Clark
Co Campbell
Margaret Borchers
Leslie Blatteau
Alison Beres-Nork
Jesse Balis-Harris
Rachel Anasatsio
Juliana Anasari
Katherine Amato
Chris Howe
Kimberly Jannarone
Kyle Quinn
Laura & Alexander Haker
Richard Burger
Jill Zamparo
Michelle Whitbread
Alicia VanCampen
Nichole Steponavich
Timothea Ryan
Kevin Ramirez
Darren Pruslow-Wilson
Joanna Price
Sarah Palleschi
Pamela Newell
Lynda Munro
Christina Montanari
Kathleen Mills
Connor Leahy
Allison Kramarczyk
Michele Karpowich
Deborah Judelson
Molly Jridi
Lars Jorgensen
Laura Jagoe
Jim Hoffecker
Karen Harriman
Sophia Gyory
Rachel Ebling
Maria Courtney
Martha Brogan
Harold Birn
Patricia Allen
Ralphaline Voccia
Eunice Mahler
Trudy & Rainer Muhlbauer
Judy Golden
Robin Coco Tamale
Knudson, Alvin & Christine
Raymond Thomas
Carina Spicer
MaryAnne Davis
Maria Leonardo
Jean Uhl
Edward Sturgis
Suzanne Diviney
Christina Weiss
Lori Nugent
Michelle Sloat
Elizabeth Diviney
Lesley Heffel-McGuirk
Denyse Miller
Shari Koenig
Karen Fenichel
Walter Greenblatt
Robert Silverstein
Gail Thomas
Julie Cutler
William Graustein
Gregory Melville
Sten Vermund
Chaya Manning
Gretchen Frazier
Christie Fisher
Barbara Block
Wendy Ward
Teresa Suganski
Mig Halpine
Jane Grossman
Randi Saslow
Alicia Pittard
Agathe Pierot
Lisa Lauder
Dennis Lange
Caitlin Hansen
Adele Edgerton
Caroline Dumont
Chris Dubuque
Patricia Dray
Sheila Depascale
Grant Calderwood
Kerry Brown
Lindsey and Matthew Norton
Christine Liu and Charles Sindelar
Kari and Tim Keyl
Amanda Jeng and David Liu
Adnan and Elizabeth Prsic
Daryl and Laura Abriola
Cynthia Gibbons
Schlotterbeck Household
Anne Aronsson
Caroline Clark
Millicent Solum
Gavin Whitelaw
Robert Handler
Lawrence White
Tahlia Townsend
John McGonagle
David Bartolotta
Saroj Sivaramakrishnan
Richard Johnson
Corey Cook
Elisa Spungen Bildner
David Uhl
Lisa A Omark
James and Betty Whitney
Emre Utku Seli and Meltem Seli
Jennifer Just
Eugene and Karen Telker
Santini Household
Robbins Household
Lloyd Friedman and Kai Yang
Karwowski Household
Van Tonder
Shari and Matthew Storeygard
Cheryl and Dennis Santulli
Wayland Household
Eblen and Green
Collins and Nuzzolo
Ken and Linda Colabella
Abigail Cheskis-Gold
The Coggshalls
Chick Household
Adam and Sarah Bransfied
Kira Bellucci
Frank Cochran and Stephanie Fitzgerald
John and Helen Pipa
Robin River
Ashley Troumouliaris
Melanie Tietjen
Rebecca Streeter
Abigail Storch
Linda Roth
Joshua Ratner
Amy Porter
Christina Pavlak
Janice Ninomiya
Alyssa Mitzon-Salazar
Keri Matthews
Cathy Markle
Francesca LoRicco
Albert Laguna
Cara Kurlander
Nicole Korda
Mary Jersey
Stephanie Jacobson
Costin Ionescu
Robin Green
Candice Gray
Robin Goldberg
Margaret Gilshannon
Maria Gilbride
Cathy Forman
Meir Dashevsky
Laura Brown
Michele Bourdeau
Colin Bond
David Backeberg
Erica Ahlert-Smith
Karen Talamelli Cusick
Jean Pogwizd
Betsy Flaherty
Jody Ellant
Alexandra Daum
Christine Broadbridge
Christina J Rivera
Wilbur Edwards
Les Freeman
Manuel Monteiro
Andrew Horton
Ethan Roberts
Phoebe Browning
Sheila McCreven
Pamela Zeller
Jerry Silbert
Mary O'Connor
Devjani Mishra
Robert Mckinstry
Johanna Georgia
Alison Ward
Skip Vaccarello
Anne Subercaseaux
Kim Stoner
David Rothberg
Shannon Raider-Ginsburg
Josh Newton
Chris and MaryAnn Loscalzo
Susan Leschine
Jessica Labbe
Denise Jernigan
Charlene Hollo
Lauren Hass
Brad Hardy
Sherron Grote
Tom Gorham
Jennifer Goldberg
MJ Falcone
Marisa Evans
Cheryl Cummin
Paula Coyne
Diana Boyle
Birny Birnbaum
Christin Arnini
Jennifer Albertson
Cara Haas
Anthony and Debra Wayne
Chris and Debra Seiter
Curtis Schweizer and Janet Hambleton
Kenneth and Emily Sandberg
Philip Ratner and Andrea Munno
James Forman and Ifeoma Nwokoye
Girin Munshi and Joyce Narden
Rick and Melanie Mayer
John and Amey Marrella
Litwin Household
Stephen and Mary Lilley
Marcia Landesman and Oren Sauberman
Alan and Joan Kliger
Donna Kemper and Ronald Zlotoff
Susan Kelly and Robert Shields
Douglas and Susan Israel
Cary Gross and Anna Reisman
David Franklin and Rona Shapiro
Lawrence and Paulette Fox
Barry and Gila Fischman
Douglas and Amanda Duchen
Cynthia and Jeffrey Desrosier
Pat and Mica Cardozo
John and Deborah Baldwin
Cynthia Anger and Jeffrey Hellman
Eric Tashlein
Sharon Maler
Muneeb Samma
John Sabulis
Marie Robert
William Purcell
Minot B. Nettleton
Judith Nicolari Moore
Nancy Lightbody
Charles Laurito
Cynthia Joyce
Donald Dest
Donna Curran
Wendy Battles-Plasse