2020 CSA- Week #15

By Lindsay Browning | September 21, 2020

Massaro Community Farm Your local certified organic vegetable farm 2020 CSA – Week #15 September 21, 2020 Notes From the Farm Happy Fall! The autumnal equinox is tomorrow, September 22nd, at 9:31am EDT marking the astronomical start of fall in the northern hemisphere. With recent night temps in the mid 40s here at the farm, the feeling of fall is very much upon us. Fall is always the season I look forward to most, and after such a hot and dry summer, it is a most welcome transition this year. This week we’ll harvest bunches of salad mix greens, which can be eaten raw or cooked. Over the years many have asked what the is in this mix. The mix is made up of a number of mustard greens, which varies a bit from year to year based on seed availability and our own trials, deciding whether to include something new or remove something that didn’t perform as well. It may also include some arugula, claytonia, mache, plus a few varieties of bok choi and kale. This year’s mix has mizuna, tat soi, green wave, red giant, garnet giant, golden frills, ruby streaks, red russian kale and more. The first…

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2016 CSA – Week #6

By steve / July 18, 2016

Notes from the Farm More heat and more thunderstorms are on the menu for this week.  Heat loving crops like…

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2016 CSA Week #5

By steve / July 11, 2016

Notes from the Farm We have had some very welcome rain in the past seven days, getting nearly an inch…

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2016 CSA – Week #4

By steve / July 4, 2016

Notes from the Farm Happy Fourth of July!  We hope you are having a fun and refreshing holiday weekend.  CSA…

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2016 CSA – Week #3

By steve / June 27, 2016

Notes from the Farm IMPORTANT SCHEDULING INFO: The 4th of July is next Monday, so this week we’ll move our…

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2016 CSA Week #2

By steve / June 20, 2016

Notes from the Farm Today we experience a rare event as the summer solstice and full moon coincide, something that…

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2016 CSA – Week #1

By steve / June 13, 2016

Notes from the Farm Week #1 of the 2016 CSA is here and it marks the first harvest of our…

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2016 CSA Begins Next Week!

By steve / June 8, 2016

Notes from the Farm The 2016 CSA will  begin next week! This means the first pickup days will be as…

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Yoga on the Farm, Art Opening & So Much More!

By Caty Poole / June 3, 2016

YOGA ON THE FARM – NEW DATE We’re looking forward to treating you to some relaxing yoga on the farm.…

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Celebrate Spring as a Melonhead, Birdwalk, Wellness Series & Volunteer Opportunities!

By Caty Poole / April 20, 2016

MELONHEAD UPDATE We’ve got a little less than two weeks until the 8th annual Rock to Rock Earth Day Ride.…

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A little farm history, spring farm programming & recent media coverage

By Caty Poole / March 4, 2016

CT NOFA WINTER CONFERENCE: March 12 & 13 We encourage everyone to check out the extensive list of workshops that…

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