2016 CSA Newsletter – week # 17

2016 CSA Newsletter – Week #17                                
Notes from the Farm

This week is #17 of 20 for our 2016 CSA, which means we will be finishing up our distributions at the end of October.   We’ll enjoy a mix of greens and roots during these final weeks, as well as the final harvests of the summer fruiting crops.  Know that we’ll be sending out our CSA survey soon, plus our registration forms for the 2017 CSA.
Sweet potatoes will be part of this week’s harvest there is simple apple and sweet potato hash recipe below that can be made for a quick and delicious treat.
The Fruit Option will finish next week, and this week will be the last chance for picking cherry tomatoes.  With cooler temperatures and shorter day lengths, the tomato plants have slowed production and are starting to fade.  There are some ripe ones on the plants still, so we should be sure to enjoy them, and you can even pick the green ones and let them ripen on your counter until they are ready.